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Prevent Mold Growth After Water Damage

With all the recent rain throughout the state of California, homeowners need to be aware that mold is a serious problem when the interior of the buildings are wet. When an area is left wet or damp mold can begin to grow.

Mold can cause structure damage to a home and can lead to costly repairs. Mold inside a home can also cause health problems because mold is a indoor air pollutant.

You Can Control Indoor Mold Growth After it Rains to Avoid Water Damage.

  • First, make sure that materials that get soak do not contain any hazardous material like asbestos.
  • If in doubt, contact an asbestos remediation company so that they may test the material first.
  • Heavy rain can cause the wallboard, insulation and flooring to begin to rot and cause these microorganisms to grow.
  • Removing moisture can help eliminate the process of mold growth.
  • If there is a musty smell there might be mold growing without you knowing.

Any areas that have been damaged by a heavy rain or simply by water should be dried out immediately. Contacting a professional will re-assure that the area is dry to avoid mold growth.

Seacliff Environmental will remove all wet materials from the site and provide the necessary air circulation to deter dampness before bacteria can multiply. Alliance Environmental also utilizes ThermaPureHeat® to get rid of mold, fungus, mildew, odors and viruses.

You can Request a Free Estimate, or download a free copy of ourAsbestos, Lead Paint & Mold eBook to learn how to mitigate the liability risks associated with common environmental threats found in residential properties.