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Truck in the rain

Leaks and Mold After a Storm

We had the biggest storm in 5 years last week–and our three-year drought means it’s been a good long while since we had a lot of rain coming down.

During a drought, everything dries out: gardens and lawns get parched, the flora on the mountains gets brown and fire danger is rampant. When it rains enough, we will get our green hills back, at least until summer. But the rains also may have exposed cracks that led to water leaking in where three years ago it did not.

Did you have any unexpected leaks turn up last week?

Leaks and Mold Growth

Mold is everywhere and it only takes three things for it to grow:

  1. Food–Mold can use any organic material for food.
  2. Warmth–Mold can grow in temperatures from 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but it loves temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees–just about what it is inside a home or building
  3. Moisture–This is the element we can control. Moisture can become a problem in high humidity, with poor ventilation and after natural disasters like storms and floods.

After a storm, leaks that have been hiding can be revealed.

Preventing Mold

Here are our tips for preventing mold growth in your home:

  • Fix leaks promptly–it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to grow
  • Keep your humidity level between 40% and 60%
  • Use fans in the bathroom during and after showers
  • Add mold inhibitors to paint in rooms that will become damp
  • Keep your bathroom clean, but don’t use bleach or ammonia to remove mold!  Bleach will only hide the mold and, combined with ammonia, creates a toxic gas that can kill!
  • Never carpet a bathroom
  • If you have had a flood, replace your carpets and other porous materials

If you have a problem with mold that you cannot handle yourself, please call a professional mold-removal company. Seacliff Environmental provides all the necessary services to kill and remove mold and any contaminate materials quickly and safely. A mold problem can quickly become a health problem–don’t let it! Prevent mold growth and call Seacliff.