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Crawl space Moisture and Mold

A crawl space in a home can be an inviting place for moisture and mold to exist. Crawl spaces maintain conditions that allow for mold to grow and can cause other problems. When moisture levels are high and water is present, you will begin to see a colony of mold.

 Requirements for Mold to Grow in a Crawlspace

1. Water: Plumbing leaks or a drainage problem can cause standing water to exist and cause mold to grow and major foundation problems. Fix them immediately!

2. Moisture: Moisture that evaporates can ruin pressed wood and invigorate mold to grow.

3. Outdoor Air: When air from outdoors enters a crawl space and cools down and humidity levels are high,temperatures inside can escalate.

Symptoms of a crawl space moisture problem can cause mold to grow, musty odors to exist, and increase humidity levels. If you suspect to have mold in the crawl space of your home, it’s important to remediate the mold.

Seacliff Environmental is a licensed mold removal and remediation contractor. Seacliff Environmental will develop a remediation plan detailing method, scope, time and controls to be used, based on fungus type and location. Our services include proper containment and removal as well as thorough site decontamination

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