“We create safe, dry, durable crawlspace areas…”

You may have opened the crawlspace hatch and peered inside, but found it dark and creepy and less than inviting. Having spent a fair amount of time in these places, we can tell you there’s a lot of stuff you should know, and a lot of stuff you’d rather not know, but still should.

Random debris, mold growth, bacteria, fallen insulation, lumber, moist soil, etc.

Clean, treated, ENCAPSULATED!

This is not a new concept but one that we have become extremely excited about lately. We have conducted thousands of crawl space inspections over the last 15 years and have come to the general conclusion. If you have a crawl space you should think about having it cleaned, treated and encapsulated. It will reduce humidity, contamination and energy consumption. This is not a mechanical system, where you have to continue putting money into to maintain and run, this is a one time “fix” for a long term solution.