7 Biggest Bed Bug Myths

What do you know about bed bugs? There are a lot of bed bug myths hiding in corners and we are determined to find them and put them to rest. Here’s the straight scoop about these annoying pests!

7 Bed Bug Myths:

  1. Bed Bugs only feed at night–Bed bugs don’t like the light, but they can bite any time there is an opportunity.
  2. If your home is clean, you won’t get bed bugs–Bed bugs are equal opportunity eaters, they don’t care if your house is small or large, clean or dirty. If they get in and find human blood, they will set up housekeeping.
  3. Bed Bug bites will show up right away–Bed bug bites can take as long as a 7-10 days to show on your skin. By the time you see bite marks, the infestation can be pretty far along. Better to go by inspection of bed linens, mattress seams and other easy places for them to hide.
  4. Bed bugs carry disease, like mosquitos–Bed bugs have not been proven to carry disease, although the jury is still out on a protozoan. However, bed bug bites (and scratching them) can cause infections.
  5. Bed bugs cannot travel from floor to bed–Although bed bugs neither fly nor jump, they do crawl and they can crawl not only from floor to bed but from apartment to apartment, drawn by your exhaled carbon dioxide.
  6. Bed bugs only live in beds–Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately bed bugs can live in any upholstered furniture and hide behind pictures on the walls, in bedside table drawers and travel in suitcases.
  7. Bug bombs will kill bed bugs–Not only are bug bombs ineffective against bed bugs, they can be dangerous if not used strictly according to instructions. Often people who discover they have bed bugs get very upset and overreact when trying DIY solutions, neglecting health and safety in a desire to deal with the infestation as quickly as possible.

What is the quickest and most effective treatment for bed bugs? Heat! Thermapure Heat kills bed bugs–and their eggs–in one treatment without dangerous chemical pesticides. Contact us for more information!