Heat vs. DIY: Bed Bug Remedies

No one wants bed bugs and once a infestation is discovered, it’s hard not to panic and do the first thing you think of. But you may be doing more harm than good. Let’s talk about the options.

DIY Bed Bug Remedies

  1. Sprays–Late-night infomercials advertise them all the time. Order this amazing spray and you will kill every bed bug and keep them away forever! The small print says they kill bed bugs “on contact” and they do, but what they don’t tell you is most of the bed bugs in your infestation won’t have direct contact with the spray because they are hiding in cracks and crevices, in upholstery, behind pictures and in seams of mattresses. And their eggs are hidden even better. If that spray doesn’t touch the bug, it won’t kill the bug.
  2. Bombs–A fog of killer chemicals while you go out sounds like it will reach everywhere. Unfortunately Ohio University researchers have found that the pesticides in foggers don’t even kill bed bugs out in the open, let alone the ones hiding in cracks or upholstery. They also leave nasty chemical residue all over the surfaces in your home. Bug bombs can also scatter insects rather than kill them. They cause bed bugs to find new locations, spreading an infestation. Frequent use can also lead to pesticide resistance. The bugs that survive a fogger will lay resistant eggs. 
  3. Essential Oils–We come across articles quite often about using essential oils to kill bed bugs. A recent study took a look at the efficacy of essential oils and found that few killed even 50% of bed bugs after direct exposure for days and none of them had any repellent effect.

Best Bed Bug Remedy

Heat is the best remedy for bed bugs, without question. Why?

  • Heat works in a few hours, not a few days.
  • Heat reaches everywhere bugs and their eggs can hide, even inside walls.
  • Heat leaves no chemical residue.
  • Heat does not require you to move out of your home while it dissipates.
  • Heat does not destroy food, textiles, or personal property.
  • Heat kills bugs at every stage of development, even eggs.

You cannot do an effective heat treatment for bed bugs yourself, but you can call Alliance for quick, professional bed bug eradication. Don’t panic and make the wrong choice. You’ll just end up with more bugs–and bites!–later.